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Module-T is a production brand of Group TMEC based in Istanbul, Turkey. Module-T is specialized in the Design, Manufacture and Installation of containers and prefabricated, fully-equipped modular buildings in the worksites of companies operating in the fields of public infrastructure development, mining, as well as the gas and oil industry, among others.

With 15 years of experience as developers of large-scale worksite camps in 6 continents, Module-T exports and installs modular portable containers, prefabricated and modular buildings with all the necessary equipment for offices, sanitary facilities (WC and showers), locker rooms, conference rooms, dorms, infirmaries, kitchens, canteens, workshops, security booths and warehouses. Module-T also installs and furnishes prefabricated individual houses, as well as bungalows, villas and vacation homes.


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